By maintaining a safe and healthy workplace, employers carry immense responsibility.

INSafe, a nonenforcement division of the Indiana Department of Labor, provides free consultation services designed to help employers remain proactive by identifying and correcting conditions that could be harmful to workers.

The agency’s goal is strictly to keep the Hoosier workforce safe — not to impose fines on employers.

As long as employers agree to correct any serious hazards identified during onsite consultations, INSafe does not provide the names of companies, its owners, or any other information to state enforcement agencies. Requests for consultation services will not initiate a federal or state occupational safety and health enforcement inspection.

To request a free visit from an INSafe consultant, follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1: Request

Employers must first submit a request for an onsite consultation in writing, which can be done through this online form. Once submitted, employers will receive a tentative date for an inspection.

Step 2: Onsite Visit

INSafe consultants will open the visit by sitting down with you or your designated representative to review various materials, including your OSHA injury and illness logs for the last three calendar years and your company’s written safety and health programs.

Consultants will also complete a walk-through of the company site to review potential occupational hazards. During the course of the walk-through, consultants may choose to conduct interviews with employees.

After the walk-through, the consultant will review notes with the employer and establish reasonable correction due dates.

Step 3: Evaluation and Report

Employers will receive a written report outlining findings and recommendations, including suggested methods to correct company safety and health programs. Employers must post hazard lists transmitted in the written report. These notices must be posted near the hazard for a minimum of three days or through correction — whichever is longer.

Step 4: Correction of Serious Hazards

Written reports will include correction dates for any applicable hazards. Extensions may be granted if employers provide adequate interim protection to employees and request the extension in a timely manner.

Step 5: Hazard Correction Documentation

Once hazards are corrected, employers must submit written confirmation, including the date and method of correction. Depending on specific circumstances, INSafe may schedule a follow-up consultation to provide technical assistance.

Although INSafe consultants can’t guarantee a workplace will pass a federal or state inspection, consultation visits have been demonstrated to drastically reduce the possibility of penalty for future inspections. To read more or request a free limited or full-scope consultation, visit

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