Small businesses play a big role in the success of the Hoosier economy. Accounting for two out of every three new jobs, small companies create economic opportunities for small and large communities alike.

By partnering with the U.S. Small Business Administration, INBiz users now have greater access to a range of federal resources, including everything from strategic planning to employee education. Read on for more detail about specific SBA initiatives.

  1. Access to Capital (business financing): Whether your company is seeking a micro loan to fill a gap in financing or substantial investment capital, SBA can provide multiple opportunities for financing.
  2. Entrepreneurial Development (education, information, technical assistance and training): INBiz users can arrange free individual counseling online or in-person at the Indiana district office in Indianapolis.
  3. Government Contracting (federal procurement): SBA’s Office of Government Contracting sets goals with other federal departments to grant roughly a quarter of prime contract dollars to small businesses.
  4. Voice for Small Business: The SBA’s advocacy office is constantly working to assess the impact of regulatory burden on behalf of small businesses. Representatives from the office are often called to testify before the U.S. Congress on behalf of small businesses and the small business environment.

Learn more about the SBA’s efforts and the various ways it can help Hoosier businesses. Find information about SBA’s strategic planning resources, its efforts to participate in Open Government programs and its performance, budget and finances online at

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