At first glance, notary public might not seem like the flashiest profession. But as sworn public officials, they witness some of the most important moments in people’s lives, including adoptions, marriages, mortgage signings and more. Notaries are appointed to eight-year terms by the Secretary of State and are responsible for administering oaths, serving as impartial witnesses and verifying people’s identities.

Becoming a notary public is a simple process that can open a lot of doors for professionals, from bringing in additional income to sharpening your résumé. Most professions have a need for notaries, and becoming one can demonstrate that you’re eager to contribute to the company’s success.

  1. Earn additional income: Notaries charge by the act, and most notaries can easily see dozens of clients in a day. Once you develop a list of businesses and individuals who regularly need notarized documents, you can easily establish a steady stream of repeat customers.
  2. Work around your schedule: Want to set your own hours? You got it. Notaries have the luxury of being able to design their days around their own commitments, making it the perfect side job for parents or busy professionals who have availability only during specific hours.
  3. Expand your skill set: From finance to medicine to law, all industries need notaries at some point, and many of them require regular notarizations. Earning your notary commission can help you increase your value as an employee.
  4. Plenty of possibilities: Whether you’re interested in entrepreneurship or would rather contribute to an established company, notaries have opportunities to start their own businesses or join the ranks of an existing business. Having a notary on staff can save businesses both time and money.
  5. Serve your community: By ensuring that signatures and documents are genuine, notaries protect the public from countless cases of fraud each year. As technologies continue to develop, the opportunities for identity theft grow. Notaries serve as the front line to protect the public.

To find out if you’re eligible to become a notary or to learn more about the process of becoming a notary, visit INBiz’s Notaries page. INBiz is committed to simplifying the process of doing business in Indiana. If you’re eligible, using INBiz to become a notary is a straightforward process.

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