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Secretary of State

Connie Lawson is Indiana's 61st Secretary of State. As Indiana's chief elections official, she is focused on ensuring integrity and security for our state's elections. Since taking office, Secretary Lawson championed the most sweeping election reforms since photo ID and has led the effort to clean Indiana's voter rolls. A tireless advocate for increasing Indiana's financial literacy and protecting Indiana investors, Secretary Lawson educates Hoosiers about smart money decisions and fights for stringent penalties for white-collar criminals. She has also partnered with Indiana's motor vehicle industry to ensure the best possible customer service, including prompt title delivery. Secretary Lawson is directing substantial innovation and leveraging cutting-edge technology to improve how businesses interact with government.

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The Office of Secretary of State is one of five constitutional offices originally designated in Indiana's State Constitution of 1816. Historically, the duties of the office included the maintenance of state records and preservation of the state seal, but as state government expanded so did the responsibilities of the Secretary of State. Present duties include registration of new business, regulation of the securities industry, oversight of state elections, commissioning of notaries public, registration of trademarks and licensing of vehicle dealerships throughout Indiana.

Department of Workforce Development

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development serves the worker and the employer to ensure workplace success. DWD is committed to innovating and invigorating Indiana's economic future. Primary services include:

WorkOne Centers
WorkOne Centers provide a local resource for posting jobs, recruiting candidates, securing training, finding jobs and other workforce needs.

Unemployment Insurance
DWD oversees payment of unemployment insurance premiums and quarterly wage reports from employers. It also services claims by employees who have been laid off or lost their jobs through no fault of their own.

Labor Market Information
DWD provides extensive data on the available labor force, occupational projections, demographics, industry trends, salary information and unemployment statistics.

Regional Workforce Strategies
DWD also encourages regional planning and local implementation of workforce services strategies.

Professional Training
DWD can help individual Hoosiers find training opportunities in high-skill, in-demand industries.

Department of Revenue

The Indiana Department of Revenue was created by an Act of the Indiana General Assembly on Feb. 18, 1947. The department is headed by Commissioner Chris Atkins. The department is responsible for providing service to Indiana citizens regarding state tax matters. Additionally, the department administers state tax laws, develops regulations and makes decisions about tax policy.

The department is headquartered at the Indiana Government Center located in downtown Indianapolis. It also maintains operations of the Returns Processing Center and the Motor Carrier Services Division at the Ameriplex complex, west of Indianapolis. Additionally, the department provides service through 12 district offices located throughout Indiana and representatives in nine other states.

Indiana Professional Licensing Agency

The Indiana Professional Licensing Agency is dedicated to helping Hoosier businesses obtain the tools they need to succeed in the marketplace. An umbrella agency made up of 35 boards, commissions and committees, it licenses professions as set in statute by the Indiana General Assembly, serving Hoosier consumers and professionals by ensuring quality service and training.

The IPLA, which includes licensing bodies such as the Medical Licensing Board and the Indiana Real Estate Commission, regulates more than 70 professional licenses including physicians, real estate brokers, pharmacists, nurses, accountants, dentists, cosmetologists, veterinarians and engineers.

In addition to professional regulation, some boards in the IPLA are responsible for regulating businesses, such as the Indiana Board of Pharmacy, which licenses wholesale drug distributors, pharmacies and home medical equipment providers. These boards also can impart discipline on licensees who have been investigated by the Indiana Attorney General.

Indiana Small Business Development Center

The Indiana Small Business Development Center (SBDC) offers a one-stop shop for Hoosier entrepreneurs looking to start and grow a business, delivering expert guidance and resources ranging from business planning and valuation to export assistance and market research.

With a network of 10 regional offices throughout the state, the Indiana SBDC creates a positive and measurable impact on the formation, growth and sustainability of Indiana's small businesses, assisting in new business starts, raising capital investment and helping create good jobs for Hoosiers. Visit to learn more.