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Indiana Business Roadmap

Indiana Business Roadmap

The following information will help ensure your business is successful, in compliance with state laws and regulations, and protected against business scams and identity theft. Mark these items off your to-do list and set your business up for success!


STEP 1: Register with the Secretary of State


INBiz is your one-stop resource for registering your business and ensuring it complies with state laws and regulations.

If you are unsure of the type of business you should form, contact the Indiana Small Business Development Center.

STEP 2: File Your Business Entity Report (BER)


INBiz provides all the information you need to ensure your business maintains an active status.

Failure to file business entity reports will result in the administrative dissolution of your business. Filing taxes is not the same as filing a business entity report.

STEP 3: Obtain a Federal Identification Number


The IRS issues Employer Identification Numbers (EINs). EINs are required for paying federal and state taxes and opening bank accounts.

EINs are free and should be kept confidential.

For questions, please contact the IRS.

STEP 4: Apply for Tax Exempt Status


The IRS determines whether a nonprofit business qualifies for tax-exempt status. You must apply to the IRS to receive tax-exempt status.

To learn about state sales tax exemptions for nonprofits, click here.

STEP 5: Open a Business Bank Account


Contact your bank to determine what you need to open an account. You will be required to have your EIN.

Ask your bank what information it requires on the business record. Banks may require certified copies of the business record or a certificate of existence to open an account.

STEP 6: Register with Department of Revenue (DOR)


Most businesses are required to register with Department of Revenue. The DOR issues Tax Identification Numbers (TIDs). TIDs are required for paying state taxes, withholding taxes and receiving retail merchant certificates.

For questions, contact DOR through INTIME.

STEP 7: Register with Department of Workforce Development (DWD)


Businesses are required to register with DWD to report wages, unemployment compensation and new hires.

STEP 8: Report Worker’s Compensation Claims


Learn more about the requirements and process for reporting worker’s compensation claims.

STEP 9: Report Unclaimed Property


Businesses are required to report unclaimed property to the Attorney General. The Holder Report is due annually on November 1.

STEP 10: Obtain Required Licenses and Permits


Indiana Professional Licensing Agency (IPLA) issues licenses for certain professions. If you are uncertain if you need a professional license, start by reviewing the list of professions at IPLA.

For information on state permits, see the Indiana Business Owner’s Guide.

Contact your county and local government offices to determine if additional licensing or permitting is required for your business.

STEP 11: Become a Certified Business


The Indiana Department of Administration (IDOA) issues certifications for minority, woman and veteran owned businesses.

STEP 12: Get Expert Advice


There is a lot of great information and support for businesses that is free of charge. Be sure your business is successful by taking advantage of these resources.



AVOID Business Scams

Beware of notices that appear to be from state or government agencies. These notices are intended to make you think that action is required. Read the fine print. These notices must state that they are not from a government agency.

The companies behind these notices charge exorbitant fees for filings and services that you can perform on INBiz. To ensure you receive the best pricing and fastest processing times, go to INBiz for all of your business needs.


Certificate of Existence or Good Standing


  • Do not pay for certified copies! You can download certified copies for free on INBiz.

Annual Meeting Minutes

  • Companies charge fees of $150 and up.
  • You can draft your own minutes and keep them with your business records. These records are not submitted to the Secretary of State.
  • Annual Meeting Minutes Alert – Don’t Be Fooled!


Prevent Business ID Theft


Like individuals, business identities are stolen. Business IDs are used to open lines of credit, steal money and commit other fraudulent activities.

INBiz sends email notifications when your business information is changed. This email notice gives you a heads-up that the identity of your business may be under attack.

Sign up now to receive email notifications and help prevent business ID theft.

Ensure Cybersecurity


Cybersecurity attacks on small businesses have skyrocketed and can have devastating effects. In fact, many small businesses fail after such an attack.

Put an action plan in place to help ensure your business is secure.