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Sometimes in the course of starting or operating a business, a great idea is born. It might come to you in the form of a symbol, word, phrase or design, but you believe it's unique and should be protected from copycats. We agree.

The Indiana Trademark Act (IC 24-2) protects words, phrases, symbols, designs or any combinations thereof when they are used to distinguish the source of goods or services rendered by one party from the goods or services of another party. Marks are checked against other marks registered in Indiana, but not against corporate, fictitious or assumed names. It is your duty to perform these searches.

A trademark is generally used to identify the source of goods or products, while a servicemark is generally used in advertising for services.

You can pursue trademark or servicemark protection in the state of Indiana here.

It's important to understand the distinctions between trademarks/servicemarks and copyrights and patents, which are overseen by the federal government.

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