Access Indiana


INBiz is excited to announce the launch of our sign-in portal, Access Indiana.

Access Indiana allows citizens to use one login and one password to securely access multiple services for the State of Indiana.

How this impacts existing INBiz users?

All existing INBiz users must create an Access Indiana account. This will link your INBiz dashboard to your Access Indiana account. Make sure to use the email address associated to your INBiz account to create your Access Indiana account. This will ensure that all your INBiz information is saved. See help video.

How this impacts new INBiz Users?

Simply follow the instructions in this help video to create an account.

Sole Proprietorship - Taxes & Fees - INBiz
Sole Proprietorship

A sole proprietorship is a business structure in which an individual runs a business for profit and also assumes all liability and debt of that business.

Your sole proprietorship must register with the Indiana Department of Revenue if you meet any requirements that are listed below. Each requirement has a link to the proper information needed for your business.

If your sole proprietorship meets any of these requirements, you must submit a Business Tax Application, which you can do on INBiz. This allows the Department of Revenue to set up all proper accounts for your business.

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