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If your LLC or Corporation was incorporated in Indiana, your business is known as a "domestic" business. If your LLC or Corporation was incorporated in any other state, you're known as a "foreign" business. A foreign business must qualify and register to do business in another state. A company that has a physical presence in a state or repeatedly engages in business transactions in that state is conducting business in that state.

If you conduct any of the following transactions in Indiana, you are considered as conducting business in the state:

  • Have sales of goods or services
  • Provide services or labor
  • Perform construction work
  • Have employees working in the state
  • Own or rent real property
  • Own warehouses in Indiana that ship to customers in the state

Any business meeting these qualifications must register with the Department of Revenue. This registration can be completed in INBiz. After your business is registered in Indiana, you will begin paying state and local income taxes on any profits earned in Indiana and sales tax on any tangible property sold or shipped from the state. Corporations must pay the Indiana Corporate Income Tax, but LLC businesses avoid double taxation. All foreign businesses must adhere to Indiana's employment tax requirements.

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