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Indiana Department of Workforce Development offers resources and services for employers including grants to train your staff, tax credits to hire new employees, recruitment assistance and oversight of Indiana's unemployment insurance program.

If you are considered an employer by DWD, you need to pay unemployment insurance premiums and manage any unemployment benefits claims from employees. You can find an entire workbook on unemployment insurance here.

When an individual files an initial claim for unemployment, DWD will send a notice to all employers of that individual during the last 18 months a notice using the Separating/Base period Employer Notice. When an employer receives this notice, they have ten (10) calendar days from the date on the notice to protest the individual's eligibility for benefits using the protest form.

Follow this procedure when you believe the individual is not entitled to benefits or entitled to a reduced amount of benefits. DWD wants to be certain in these cases because Indiana Law is very specific provided that an individual may be ineligible, or eligible for a reduced amount of benefits, if the individual:

  • Quit voluntarily (job abandonment, voluntary buy-out);
  • Was discharged for just cause (policy violation, absenteeism, incarceration);
  • Was discharged for gross misconduct (committing a felony or Class A misdemeanor, intoxicated at work, battery on another employee, fraud, theft or misuse of funds in excess of $100 value);
  • Is entitled to vacation pay, pay in lieu of vacation, "standby pay," or wages in lieu of notice;
  • Is receiving or will receive retirement pay; or
  • Is otherwise ineligible (did not work for you, is still working for you).

Once this information is filed, you and the individual will be contacted. Respond quickly to resolve the matter with DWD.

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