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Workforce Management

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development (DWD) has resources and services for employers. If you have employees, you might have some reporting requirements too.

For a complete explanation of resources for employers, please visit DWD's employer website.

One important resource for employees and employers alike is DWD's online job center. enables employers of any size to post a job or find suitable candidates to fill positions.

DWD offers resources and services for employers including grants to train your staff, tax credits to hire new employees, recruitment assistance and oversight of Indiana's unemployment insurance program.

Employer Reporting

Indiana employers file a range of reports with the DWD. The most common are unemployment and wage reporting, which you can do on INBiz. Most employers use UC-1 for unemployment insurance premiums and UC-5 for wage reporting.

DWD defines an employer as any legitimate organization that uses workers or employees under an implied or written contract and in return pays that worker a salary or wages. If you meet this definition of an employer, you need to register with DWD during the first quarter you are liable. For more information, visit Forms and Downloads.

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