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Virtually every business needs some form of license or permit to operate legally. A lot depends on the nature of your business and your location.

Many permits are issued at the county and/or city level, so these will vary depending on where your business is located. Examples of these kinds of permits include zoning, signage and health permits.

Some permits are issued at the state level. Here are some links that might be helpful.

Department of Environmental Management

Indiana Department of Environmental Management is dedicated to protecting the health of humans and the environment. It regulates businesses that have an impact on our air, land and water. For more information, visit the Permitting webpage.

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Department of Transportation

Indiana Department of Transportation oversees Indiana's transportation system with an eye on safety, mobility and economic growth. Permits under its umbrella cover the use of outdoor signs and advertising, installation of driveways and use of heavy and oversize equipment and vehicles on roadways. For more information, visit the Permits webpage.

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Department of Homeland Security

Indiana Department of Homeland Security provides leadership and oversees collaborations that enhance Indiana's public safety capabilities and ensure the well-being of the state's citizens, property and economy. It regulates a lot of things, including amusement rides, building codes, construction designs, elevator installations and inspections, and emergency response providers. Visit Applications, Forms & Permits for a list.

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