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Welcome new businesses! You are the driving force behind our economy and livelihoods.
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  • Reinstate my business

    my business

    Reinstate my business.

    Did you fail to file a business entity report? If so, your business may have been administratively dissolved. We can get you back on track.

    Reinstate NOW
  • update my business

    update my

    Update my business.

    Have you changed your registered agent? Have you moved? It's easy to make these updates - and it's required.

    Update NOW
  • file my business Entity report

    file my business
    Entity report

    File my business entity report.

    You need to file a business entity report with the Secretary of State (every year for nonprofits, every two years for most others). You can do that here.

  • close my business

    close my

    Close my business.

    Have you had enough? Sorry to hear it. We'll help you through your final filing requirements.

    Close NOW

Your passion is your business.
Not paperwork.

INBiz was created so you could spend less time filling out forms and more time doing the things you love.

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